Charlene: Hiding Behind The Devil

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12 Responses

  1. Patrick McAnally says:

    This is the greatest website ever

    • Jon says:

      Thanks, Pat. I remember an occasion, many years ago, when you were hanging with a few friends at John Clark’s house, where I was more than a little bit “out of it.” All of the sudden, Jared Ballard’s mother (John’s neighbor), having found in her underage son’s possession a hidden cache of booze bottles, nearly kicked down the door in an attempt to find out who had purchased them for him. She was basically screaming bloody murder, and, in the severely altered state of consciousness I was in, I nearly had an aortic aneurysm. In retrospect, that’s one of my more light-hearted moments, but it stuck with me nonetheless. I’m glad you like the site. Please spread the word.

  2. Ben Boden says:

    I have to say that I always find it amusing to hear statements of feminism coupled with adulation for the bible, a book which, at its very core, lacks to recognize women as anything more than amusement for what would otherwise be bored men. In Leviticus, the law states that during menstruation, women are to congregate in tents outside the city walls. Paul urges that women should not be so lewd as to braid their hair. And Mary Magdalene went down in history as a Whore, because she copulated with the Lord. As a matter of fact, I think I like the Bible. Charlene, One; Men, Zero.

    • Jon says:

      You can’t argue with that. Let me know if you should ever decide to take up Sunday school teaching, Boden. I’ll be front row and center.

  3. Kipness says:

    I feel as if I know who this woman is, she is a bitter old cunt and allegedly has the aids. I have been posting this site on all kinds of message boards/web pages. So that cunt could be my fault.

    • Jon says:

      No worries, Kipness. I’m sure I’ve pissed off a wide selection of people (mostly certain types of women) by now. But that’s half the fun, sir. Please continue spreading the word.

  4. AK-47 says:

    Hoooooly shit! I looove the picture diagram! Surely she can understand that. Fatass. People like that are so fucking predictable…

    • Jon says:

      They certainly are, sir. It’s interesting how much a person can determine about another individual, based on a single emotion-fueled comment. When you hit a nerve, the true colors begin splashing out.

  5. Devon Banks says:

    I think I was married to this woman at one point.

  6. Baroness says:

    Dear Charlene:
    Women, as a whole, were making great strides on the “equality” front until you started speaking. I held a secret meeting and we decided that you should just stop talking. Like, immediately. You’re making us look bad.

    P.S. I also held secret “Christianity” and “Human Race” meetings and they agreed with the previous decisions made by WOMEN. Coincidentally “Idiots” said “She brings a whole new brand of stupidity to the table”…. Whatever that means.

  7. Speedy Gonzales says:

    So she’s fat. Can she cook? If she can’t cook and she’s blonde and she’s fat, then she is worthless. Well, the blonde part is good. And I guess if she’s fat that’s ok, I’d do her.

  8. Megan says:

    I so wish that a fight -club with words had been written long ago, maybe before I found myself ass-whooped by life itself.Once I regain my strengh from the latest that has been dealt I would love to divulge my rhetoric in order to defend my ego.As for now, the two are honeymooning. My the best words win.

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