How To End A Blind Date…Quickly

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  1. Ray Bradshaw says:

    I have a blind date next week, so if it goes to shit I’ll try out your “oversized nose” line and see what happens. Btw, did that Billy jackass ever man up and send you his picture?

  2. Jon says:

    As expected, I received no such picture from Mr. Beta Plus. But I did receive from him a second, very frustrated, thesaurus-in-hand type response. While the better part of me wants to leave the poor guy alone, his clumsy attempts at intelligent thought and repetitive ad hominem have infused me with the need to toy with him for a second time. Stay tuned for the article. And good “luck” with the date.

  3. Zach says:

    You’re a big fuckin guy, so even if the bitch is an off her meds psycho built like a juiced up linebacker, what the hell can she really do other than talk shit and maybe give you a margarita to the face or a stupid little slap? Me, I’m just a little fucker, and I’ve been PUNCHED on a blind date for “interrupting.” If I tried out one of the lines you have listed above, I’d probably be killed. But they’re still fuckin awesome. You’re sort of like a pissed-off Superman who suddenly realizes that most chicks are better off dropped from a cliff than saved from a house fire they probably started while baking cookies for themselves. Keep it up, man.

  4. Kell says:

    I was removed from a local watering hole by a chuckling door-man recently when I lovingly asked the waitress to “Simmer down chubs” glad both of us thought it was funny. Kinda fits the thread.

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