Katie W.: Her Onion Peeled

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  1. Erik Brekke says:

    CSI. Neralich style.

    I just LOVE when super stupid people try to act smart. Hard to say how accurate your profile is without knowing more. Sounds good though, per usual. Mostly I just wanted the opportunity to call Katie W super stupid myself though, to be honest :)

    And, really, I’m so happy people like you EXIST, Dearest Katie. You and your Know-it-all-Know-nothing type make my heart smile deeply :’)

  2. AK-47 says:

    Daaaaamn. Spot on analysis sir, these skanky, ignorant cookie cutter truck stop queens have NO idea how many we’ve dealt with before juuuust like them….lmao. “People who know NOTHING are so quick to tell it” awesome bro, awesome. 2-0 so far in “bitch slapped”

  3. Ray Bradshaw says:

    Brilliant. I hope you got every detail right.

  4. Damien says:

    LOL! You should be profiling for the FBI.

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