Observations On A Rainy Day

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10 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    What is offensively attractive?Ten describes an increasing number of “men” I meet.

    • Jon says:

      An offensively attractive woman: one who is naturally beautiful, perfectly primped, and fully aware of – and shamelessly cocky about – the power her looks afford her. As for those men, I hope you’re kicking them in their fucking teeth.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sick, bizarre, fucked up and absolutely awesome.

  3. Em says:

    Yeah, you’re a sick genius. That much is clear.

  4. Derick says:

    You, sir, have a beautiful mind (no homo).

  5. Mary Jane says:

    Bwahaha Insanity

  6. April Johnson says:

    FYI: This had me laughing on and off all day.

  7. B.T. says:

    What’s that thing they say about there being such a fine line separating genius from insanity…..

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