Ring to Worm: A Journey In Cheating

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  1. Erik Brekke says:

    Scary, but….BINGO, per usual, m8 :o

  2. Gassan says:

    Spot on, dude. Other then I think a lot more men cheat than women.

  3. While I absolutely agree that it is a primal, almost instinctive urge that drives us to fuck anything we can, especially at certain stages in life, what about the feelings of guilt when you do it? Isn’t that what separates us from the animal, thin line that it may be? My question is simply that if that’s what is natural, why does it put us in such a miserable state?

  4. Jon says:

    The guilt is a by-product of human morality, which causes some of us to feel miserable. Society tells us that cheating is fundamentally immoral, and we’re left fighting our most basic instict to fuck as many partners as possible, while simultaneously telling ourselves that we’re doing the right thing. Unfortunately, the act of adhering to the perplexing moral code we have created for ourselves, does not mesh well with our intrinsic biological programming. And that paves the way for incredibly complex, miserable shit.

  5. Willy Rayz says:

    Jon, about the last comment: Do you feel that the guilt may not be just from society telling us that it is immoral, but the pain that results with the partners?? How do you feel when you see loved ones cry? Aus10 poses a great question of what is natural. It is natural for us to feel empathy for other people (especially ones we care about), so doesn’t this lead some to be “naturally” monogamous?

  6. Jon says:

    I believe that, as a whole, we’re conditioned to experience guilt as a by-product of practicing infidelity. Of course, ultimately it depends entirely upon the person in question (what I feel, others may not, and vice-versa), and that brings in the whole nature versus nurture thing, which paves the way for endless speculation. “How do you feel when you see loved one’s cry?” It depends on the context, William. If I cheat on a loved one who, after finding out, proceeds to cry about it, I believe she is merely doing so because that’s the expected, common, “natural” response. But it – the response – is, I think, unnatural, because sleeping with another woman does not change the basic principles of the relationship I have with my loved one. Monogamy is unnatural. But by no means am I saying that it’s impossible, because it isn’t. We just have to work at it as best we can; hell, we fight our natures all day, every day. It just isn’t easy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you are having sex with other people there is risk of disease. What happens if you are not careful enough and you catch something and give it to your partner?

    • Jon says:

      That’s a good question. “Cheat responsibly” comes to mind, but then, condoms guarantee nothing. Modern day humans ARE very disease-ridden, and Newton’s Law guarantees there will be an equal and opposite reaction to whatever action one takes. Sometimes that reaction is unpleasant.

  8. Eric Thompson says:

    Cold, hard, inconvenient truth. You’re the man.

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