“Signed, Beta Plus”: Over-glossed Simplicity

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  1. Justin says:

    You know, I am often attacked as being a big dumb oaf myself. I can quote Sun Tzu or Shakespeare. Why is it that neo-intellectuals believe that they can judge a person based on their exterior? Not only can I out bench press you, I can also beat you in a game of chess. Any questions?

    • Jon says:

      I believe it all boils down to basic insecurities, sir. Many overly insecure people find a warped solace in lashing out at those individuals who possess certain qualities that they, too, wish they’d been afforded in life. If I’m a physically unimpressive specimen who fairs well at chess, there’s a very good chance that I’d hold a quiet grudge against “those big meatheads.” And if I were of impressive build yet lacked the cerebral capacity for intellectual pursuits, I’d very likely look down upon “those fuckin’ chess nerds.” But take a big guy who can checkmate the shit out of you, and people don’t know what to think. Those who are insecure, attack or avoid; fight or flight. And, amusingly enough, the anonymity of the internet provides the “fliers” a chance to “fight.” It’s quite an unexpected joy to kick the fuck out of them with a few careful keystrokes.

  2. Whiskey, Tango, Bravo, ALPHA says:

    Much applause, fine fellow. I have yet to see someone owned so swiftly, thoroughly, and in good taste. It bewilders me that so many people of this world are able to sell their poor, hollow ideas by masking them with tricky language while simultaneously detracting from the discussion with brainless, inflammatory comments. But on this day you used careful logic and intelligent observation to expose a little bitch beta for precisely what he is: A laughably insecure, shit-talking man-child who can’t admit when he isn’t on the level. Some people just can’t handle inferiority. Anyhow, much respect to you and your site. My girl and I have become fast fans, even if she isn’t so hot about a few of your pieces (the truth hurts). Keep up the unfiltered perspective. – Zane P.

  3. Gassan says:

    Ad hominem and plus linux is repugnant??? wth

    Billy got demolished

  4. AK-47 says:

    God I hope he sends a pic! Lol

  5. I would just like to add that before all of the point and counter-point (or lack thereof, in Billy’s case), there is the simple fact that people such as this guy feel such an insecurity that after reading something that so radically differs from their own way of thinking, they immediately give an emotion-triggered response. This, in and of itself, invalidates anything they might say. This is solidified by the way the dude didn’t even respond to the actual content of the message. He was just talking shit, because you made him uncomfortable. Open up your mind and accept more than one perspective, you ass clown. You may learn something.

  6. anton, aka sputnik, aka scammer, aka XOBOT says:

    The article is great, but the drama unfolding is more interesting and enticing, that I havent been this intrigued since ‘seven’ came out in dvd. The person didnt offer any ‘intellectual merit’ and only had pointless insults as basis of the attack on jon’s article but I really he writes again so we can, Jon in particular have his way with him, because he reading his response was pure joy. Bravo my dear lad, you have outdone yourself…

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