“Sputnik” Goes Down: Bashing Twilight Is Right

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  1. J. Vissarionovich says:

    You dare criticsize Russian boy? You call him “Sputnik” – we beat you to space! We win cold war in sceince! Is “Nerlich” German name? We beat you in also war! We beat you again now. Yes Putin! Yes Sputnik! Twilight not so yes.

    • Jon says:

      Lmfao. I think he called HIMSELF “Sputnik”, but I like your style. Therefore, I will no longer pick on the Russian boy. Side note: Neralich is, in fact, Croatian.

  2. anton, aka sputnik, aka scammer, aka XOBOT says:

    I agree with everything except that I didn’t give myself the nickname of sputnik, someone else gave me that name, a nickname is not a nickname unless someone gives it to u and it is then adopted by a multitude of people, jackass, love u bro, good article…

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