The Armchair Expert Olympics

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  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL!!!!! Genius.

  2. chris says:


  3. B.T. says:

    “After those events, the person who’s had the fewest heart attacks is declared victor” < I'm STILL laughing at this line.

  4. Steve Henderson says:

    I’d give up my two front teeth to see these “Armchair Olympics” of yours. Great stuff, as usual.

  5. anonymous says:

    The Olympics provides us with an opportunity to observe many of earth’s finest athletes scoff at the physical limitations of mere mortals while battling for honor and glory, both individually and for their countries. Most of the sports are just garbage that don’t matter at all.Swimming?What are we, ten?Boxing is the only somewhat interesting sport and the UFC pretty much shits on that.Long distance running is at least somewhat decent.

  6. Jon says:

    “Most of the sports are just garbage that don’t matter at all.” – Don’t matter to who? To you? I’m sure they matter to a lot of people, especially those competing in them. Don’t be obtuse. “Swimming? What are we, ten?” – Do what those swimmers do, as well as they do, and then I’ll lend some credence to that statement. “Boxing is the only somewhat interesting sport and the UFC pretty much shits on that.” – This is a matter of personal opinion. I find them equally entertaining, and having trained in both boxing and martial arts, I have equal respect for both pursuits. Added to that, I’ve seen countless boxing and mma fights that were MUCH less exciting than an uninspired game of Olympic badminton. “Long distance running is at least somewhat decent.” – Again, this is merely your opinion. I, for one, find long-distance running downright yawn-worthy (possibly because I ran cross country in high school, and ran it poorly). Men’s Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, and weightlifting, on the other hand….

    • anonymous says:

      Well yes they are just my opinion.Isn’t that obvious?I was just sharing.Ran cross country poorly.Were you all muscled up then?i apologize for my obtuseness.

      • Jon says:

        I was a little too bulky for it, yes. But I tried.

        • anonymous says:

          You seem to be pretty big now, do you have any problems running still?I’m thinking of bulking up but I want to still have good cardio.Is that a trade off?

          • Jon says:

            In high school I was 180 pounds or so. Now I hover in the 230-260 pd. range, depending on my training at the time. That sort of increase definitely hasn’t made running any easier. But it’s certainly possible to both add muscle and maintain cardiovascular health. You simply need to decide which is most important to you – size or endurance – and understand that, as you alluded to, there is indeed a certain degree of trade off.

  7. Tyree says:

    Well said. Love your site.

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