The Death Of Cool

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  1. Dana says:

    You come across as a bit of a know it all prick, but I don’t disagree with you. I’ve been a bartender in seven states over the last decade so consider my opinion informed.

  2. Jason says:

    Don’t you enjoy getting fucked up? That you were sitting in a bar along with these people makes you quite the hypocrite, don’t you think?

    • Jon says:

      You are using poor reasoning to imply that because I was drinking in the same bar as the people described above, I somehow have something in common with them other than having been in the same location at the same time. You’re also assuming that because I like to get “fucked up,” that also means I have similar views and values as the aforementioned hipsters. Assumptions are never a safe bet. Your logic is faulty. Try harder.

  3. No spring chicken says:

    You cocky asshole. So you claim these people were miserable but give no reason as to why. You think you can judge a group of people based on one thing someone said about herself. You think you understand what’s cool and that somehow gives you the power to pass judgement. You’re full of shit, buddy. I don’t care how big or strong or smart you think you are. You’re wrong.

  4. Jon says:

    Stay tuned, chicken, as I’ll make my response to your comment my feature Tuesday article.

  5. Kevin H says:

    I know a hipster when I see one and there’s PLENTY on dickson street. In my experience with this off brand sub-culture is that they are quite insecure and hide behind layers of faux intellect, pabst blue ribbon, fedora’s/cripsy trucker’s hats, pretentious tattoos, “superior” music tastes, and cut off jeans. Noted behaviors include squirrelyness, awkwardness, and disgruntled attitude. But most definitely NOT cool.

  6. April Johnson says:

    AGREED. I made the mistake of dating more than a few hipsters and they ALL fit the mold you described in the article.

  7. smug prick says:

    “I had always assumed that such people have a very clear understanding of what extreme losers they are in every single way.”

    Although I don’t disagree with your article, I believe the above assumption was a mistake. You’re too smart to say that. The truth is that it’s always been this way. No one knows what “cool” is. Dickson st. and every other strip is a playground for big kids, and kids have never known what “cool” is. You remember how they can define it by a pair of shoes or whether or not you got in trouble for being caught smoking or if you’re dating someone of status. Call “Stir” the merry go round” and “Shotz” can be the slide. We’ll call the “Smoke and Barrel” the swing set. Cool didn’t die. No one realizes how much of a loser he/she is until much later when they reflect on who they tried to be during their youth. The more people try to define themselves as cool, the less cool they inevitably become. The coolest people are those that are just kind of nice and don’t give a fuck about looking cool or being called cool. If you meet someone like that, you’ve met a cool cat. haha.

  8. Jon says:

    I believe I was merely being sardonic, Smug Prick. But I like your Dickson/”adult” playground analogy. I am, however, inclined to think that the ‘Stir’ experience is more akin to eating paste and chewing crayons than riding a carousel.

  9. smug prick says:

    the merry go round is the worst ride. It just makes you dizzy and want to throw up. Maybe that one is “Shotz” haha!

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