The Mysterious Case Of The Face And The Beer Bottle

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8 Responses

  1. benjamin johnson says:

    Thats what you get for drinking overated San Francisco beer. If you were on some Old Milwaukee you know Lee Greenwood would have caught your fall.

    • Jon says:

      Haha, You have a point there. Anything crafted in the Bay Area is bound to decrease one’s manliness. If I’d been filled with THE BEAST, the glass shards would’ve simply bounced off my skin.

  2. Keith David says:

    You’re one crazy bastard. Crazy like a fox.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are stories such as these the main highlights of your youth?How does your life compare today to then?

    • Jon says:

      “Are stories such as these the main highlights of your youth?”
      – This, I’m afraid, is one of my more light-hearted misadventures. But I wouldn’t say it, nor any of the darker stuff, are highlights of my youth. More like troublesome manifestations/by-products of the chaotic personal demons I’ve been dealing with the last fifteen or so years. Much of my early life has also been quite wonderful. My family is remarkable. I’ve seen some beautiful places. I’ve met many interesting characters. I have no shortage of stories from both sides of the line.
      “How does your life compare today to then?”
      – With the exception of the occasional pitfall, things are much, much better. I have a genuinely fantastic girlfriend who, for the most part, manages to keep me under control (Refraining from dating psychotic whores can do wonders for a man’s physical and emotional health). I have more productive (less destructive) venting mechanisms. And I’ve been successful in my attempts to remove numerous wrecking balls from my life. By comparison – and in general – I’m very well.

  4. concerned hippy says:

    Please provide an update on the Oak.

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