The Real Roadhouse: We Were Bouncers

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  1. Zeid says:

    Interesting stuff! I’ve heard about some of the stories through AK.

  2. A well-written article, my friend. I’ve recently gotten back into the bouncing tradition, but am entering into it knowing I will never work with a group of guys anywhere near the same caliber as our old crew.

  3. Louisville Slugger says:

    I would do it again in a sec!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA We could go on for days with stories from that shit!

  4. jriv says:

    Alright you need to extend on Aarons fight with karoke man that sounds funny as hell.

  5. Justin says:

    Ahh…. the days of Glories past. Stabbings and shootings and thrown pool balls make life worth living. The money sucked, environment was harsh, and yet we strove to continue and excel. Perhaps it’s evolution at work?

    • Jon says:

      Yes. People evolve only when they push their human limitations into uncommon territory. And we, without question, did that very thing.

  6. Cupit says:

    What manner of hellhole was this?

    • Jon says:

      It was a wonderful hellhole, Cupit (and one that no longer exists). But if you want the name, you’ll have to wait for the book…

  7. hahahahahah funny shit johnny! i missed those days for sure! what about the part when i always have my foot on every guys ass on the way out lmfao

  8. Tessica says:

    Great article but it didn’t have eveyrthing-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

  9. Scott Campbell says:

    Those were fun days lots of great memories and this “If there’s a shooting on your first night of employment, you can be sure that you’ll never be bored. Lesson learned: Entertainment keeps you on your toes.

    is maybe why I came back and was ready for action when I was there because that is exactly what happened my first night
    Great article AKA Mr. Clean

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