Turkey Day Trials

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  1. Bad Sparkle says:

    I have two words for you, honey. Ear plugs.

  2. Beej says:

    those are some ugly animals bro, tell ur pretty boy way to in shape brothers I said hello, just tell pops pinot noir is too full of underlying notes of complexity for his harsh cab sauv pallet. And tell ur Mom she is a angel for having survived raising the Neralich boys. Happy Thanksgiving! Oh n you should watch a doc on netflix called fistfull of quarters it’s about rivalry

  3. Erik Brekke says:

    There is no place I would less rather be than the back seat of that particular Griswald mobile :)

    • Jon says:

      The ride becomes an “intellectual” form of the Jackass films, which is good for preserving my youth and keeping my father on his toes. Let’s call it juvenile regression therapy. It’s pretty good shit, Brekke.

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