Dear Jonny, Autodidact Fallacy?

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  1. A Voice In The Wilderness says:

    Autodidact. Good word, and not one we hear often enough. In my experience, the best writers are always self-taught. None of them took creative writing classes.

  2. Alister says:

    Very, very, very well said.

  3. Cynthia says:

    You bring up some interesting points. My oldest brother has multiple degrees and a good teaching job that brings him plenty of respect in the academic world. But truth be told he’s an absolute idiot who has no business teaching anyone anything. I have no idea how he managed to graduate and I have no idea how he got the job. On the other hand, my youngest brother is entirely self taught, never attended college yet understands physics and mathematics far better than our father, who teaches at an elite university. Great site by the way.

  4. Kevin says:

    DAMN. Just watched the youtube video about this guy. Definitely fascinating. I would assume that in him you see more than a few parallels to your own life.

  5. Emily says:


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