Dear Jonny, Ever Been Knocked Out?

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  1. Aus10 says:

    AK47 and that legendary powerful slap. Remember that kid he slapped after we threw the guy out because he was underage so we tricked him into dancing with the drag queen? HE was out cold! Lol!

    • Jon says:

      Before or after the drag queen kicked his ass, in front of his girlfriend/friends, on his birthday? Lol. The fucking stories..

      • Aus10 says:

        Ah! I’d almost forgotten that part! Remember halfway through the drag queen’s beating? When that mother fucker remembered he was a man and went from slapping to closing his fist and flat pummeling that dumb little shit? Ha ha ha!

  2. Amelia says:

    Sexy scar.

  3. Josh says:

    Sounds like you’ve been through some shit, Jon Neralich. I wouldn’t want to go toe-to-toe.

  4. Damien says:

    Quite the scar. It looks like a pink swastika. Maybe the concrete was from Germany.

  5. AK says:

    “Let’s fight to the death” was the prelude sir…lmao. Alllllmost went to jail that night, the cops were baffled by the story…two guys that look like brothers, same tattoo…NO ONE talking in the middle of a busy ass club…ryan tried to push the undercover cops out of the way to smuggle me outside. Bahahaha
    Ps. It WAS your fault.

    • Jon says:

      I’m gonna go ahead and blame gravity. Alcohol and gravity. But the slap certainly had a small part in the action. Asshole.

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