Dear Jonny, Facebook Face Shots?

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  1. Gypsy Assassin says:

    Fuck yes. That’s exactly what I do. Oh, wait. I do take pics of my feet when forced by my other ego driven bitches I call friends. I’d say you are wrong, but you aren’t. If I had a body I considered hot enough for the general public, I’d be in fucking Maxim instead of on Facebook. But shit. I can take it. And I’m still pretty darn cute for a old gypsy assassin.

  2. benny says:

    Brilliant. I’m sending this to everyone I know.

  3. Ray Bradshaw says:


  4. E says:

    Excellent per usual, sir. Now take on the girls with the FULL bathroom mirror body shots, kissy face, and peace sign. Does this change the analysis at all?

  5. Benjmain says:

    Oh come on girls just want to have fun an feel pretty. And what truly matters is that they feel beautiful on the inside. Not just in some facebook photo. I saw Jon the other day an not only was his bone structure way jacked, his clothes didn’t have near enough silvery angelic feathers or glitter etc… Just kidding love your site it’s the bomb. Beej

  6. Chris Davis says:

    This is pure fucking truth, man. Brilliant.

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