Dear Jonny, Girl Trouble…

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  1. Emily says:

    A manipulating whore for sure. I’ve known more than a few in my time. This Will guy needs to get a grip, wake up, and move on. I agree that the therapist sounds like an ignorant new age cunt. And LOL at sending the sex tape to her pastor. Bitter medicine.

  2. Ray Bradshaw says:

    So she cheats on him, slaps him when he challenges her, then kicks him out of the house before taking his money and his self-respecect? And he’s STILL fishing for her attention?

  3. Beej says:

    great advice Jon what a biotch

  4. Damien says:

    Sounds as if the woman is a sociopath. I agree that this Will guy needs to teach the evil bitch a profound lesson. He’s either masochistic or stupid or desperate or naive or a pussy. And while none of those traits are any good, he’s still a saint compared to her. Get that video made and sent, son!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like how I get treated…jayyyyyyykayyyyyy :)

  6. Gassan says:

    I hope you’re not being trolled, bro

    • Jon says:

      Actually, I’ve gotten quite a few (inflammatory comments) this morning, sir. Some are nearly incomprehensible. I’ll publish them later this afternoon, when I have the time to respond appropriately.

  7. Katie W. says:

    You really are a sad peice of misoginist shit. Did creating this website so you could (from a distance) pick on defenceless women give you satisfacton? Make you feel powerful? That’s sick. I happen to know for a fact that one of you’re ex girlfriends (who I know personaly) thinks your a completely asshole bastard who can only love his own ego. She says you have a lot of complexes. That you never think you’re muscles are big enough. How does that make you feel? Now that the world knows. Bad, right? A taste of YOU’RE OWN MEDICINE. Learn to look at things more carefully. Do you know this Will person’s girlfriend? No. Then how can you judge her?? If he was keeping her from growing (like the therapist said) than he probably led her into the arms of another man. And if she was in therapy, she obviuosly cared for him and was sorry. It sounds like she just wanted to have a good time, and who doesn’t? You need to calm down, give women a chance, and throw away your ego long enough to get some clear perspective. It will help in the lonh haul.

  8. Katie W.,
    I have a question for you. Did writing a Jon-bashing comment to what every single person other than yourself thought was a completely substantiated answer give YOU satisfaction? Two important points to remember here: One, the poor guy who wrote this Dear Jonny did so of his own free will, specifically asking Jon for his advice; Two, consider the fact that Jon not only published the comments vindicating his advice, he also posted yours, which shows that he has a much more open mind that you do. To answer some of your points directly, no one dictates the actions of another unless they let them, which is in itself a choice to let others make your decisions for you, which is a sign of serious moral weakness; so no woman’s significant other “leads them into the arms of another man.” That’s just an excuse for whores who don’t have enough restraint to stay faithful. As for your personal attack on Jon and his past relationships, I hope it angers you to know that Jon is probably amused rather than angered or saddened or humiliated by your tirade. So it’s clear that you are just a man-hating bitch. Stay goosey, Jon.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sheeee’s been fucked around on. Hahaha women like her really can’t stand it when a man outsmarts them. “Shut up stupid” will suffice.

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