Dear Jonny, Global Warming?

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  1. K. C. says:

    So poignant and true. Have you read The Long Emergency? If not, seek it out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree, man. Global warming is a drop in the bucket that we’ve filled to almost overflowing. Humanity has no excuse for this shit. What a fucking waste.

  3. Ray Bradshaw says:

    100% agreed, but elaborate on the “subconsciously fatalistic,” if you would, sir.

    • Jon says:

      Example: Look at the vast success of the countless [recent] apocalyptic movies, like The Day After Tomorrow, I am legend, The Road, 2012, etc. Producers and directors have capitalized on our subconscious understanding that we have, for a long time now, invited a worldwide disaster; the magnitude of which would cause the absolute eradication of mankind. Whether by severe climate changes, disease, or war, we’re definitely inviting our collective demise. We toy with the idea, using it as entertainment, like a junky shooting a little bit of death into his arm. But it ends there. And few people want to think about it (let alone make changes which might reverse it) any longer than the 90 min they’re in the theater. No one wants to take accountability. And they don’t. “Subconscious.”

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