Dear Jonny, Most Unhealthy Person?

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  1. Damien says:

    That is seriously fucked up.

  2. April Johnson says:

    Why would someone do this!?

    • Jon says:

      Severe depression. Poor impulse control control. Weakness. An inability or unwillingness to cope with reality. A deep-seated self-loathing complex. An addictive personality. Take your pick.

  3. April Johnson says:

    Then why the visits to the doctor?

  4. Jack of All trades says:

    You didn’t specify what he thought of himself in your reason list of why he lived his life that way. Perhaps it was all of those things from your perspective; certainly if you began to live your life that why compared to how you do now, all would apply. Maybe that’s just how he wanted to treat his body, and was happy to do it. I’m not trying to justify it or say I codon it–simply food for thought.

    • Jon says:

      “You didn’t specify what he thought of himself in your reason list of why he lived his life that way.” – I stated that he had a “deep-seated self-loathing complex.” That diagnosis is based on multiple observations I made during several conversations with him over extended periods of time. As were “weakness” and “an inability or an unwillingness to cope with reality.” The poor impulse control, addictive personality, and severe depression were all things he readily admitted to. Perhaps I should have been more clear on that. However, doctor visits nullify the possibility of one being truly happy with treating their body in such a manner.

  5. A Voice In The Wilderness says:

    I agree that he would have skipped visits to the doctor if he’d been happy with self-destruction. I had an uncle who drank a gallon of whiskey per day until his liver basically disintegrated. He claimed to enjoy his way of life, but all evidence pointed to the contrary. Depression and denial can be all-consuming. Life can be messed up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This makes me want to get sober. Btw this is by far my favorite place on the web.

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