Convenient Delusions: How To Be A Fatass In Denial

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  1. Beej says:

    you need to stop following me, you just described my life to a tee. Except I’m only 30 lbs overweight! An all muscle underneath the fat of course!

  2. Lance G. says:

    The truth again! Fuckin fatasses with their “big bones” and “gland problems”. Excuses. Stop “reading” put down the book and go workout. I went out with a chick who went on the pill and gained 20 pounds. She got all discouraged and wouldnt workout with me. Just layed around reading some book about atlas making people disappear or some stupid shit. Who cares. That was the end of her. Shes still fat.

  3. Brad says:

    What to say 100% of the time after someone mentions being big boned:
    Have you ever seen a fat skeleton?

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