Dear Jonny, Eating Humans…

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  1. Kev says:

    I never really thought about it that way, but you’re right. The majority of human flesh must be overwhelmingly toxic. But I’m willing to bet that Amish people would probably yield some fairly healthy cuts of meat. They live clean.

  2. What about the further implications of eating human flesh? Such as the belief that eating the flesh of others brings you more-than-human strength, healing, etc.? And the flip side of that coin, that you would turn into a monster called a Wendigo, that would live in a cave and hibernate until it went on a killing rampage and stocked up for the next 20 years before hibernating again? Your thoughts, sir.

    • Jon says:

      Check out a hidden gem of a flick, “Ravenous.” And I’ll answer your [interesting] question later today, sir.

      • “If you die first… I’m going to eat you…”

        • Jon says:

          A great line from a remarkably unique film that will, I think, go down in history as one of the better movies ever made. It transcends genre. As for the Wendigo/the belief that consuming another rejuvenates you with the essence of their life/power, I have to say that most legends that have lasted, probably originate from a little bit of truth.

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