11. Fat Zombie Bikers[audio:|titles=FatZombieBikers]

10. The Top Ten Things To Say To Scare The Shit Out Of Your New Girlfriend[audio:|titles=TheTopTenThingsToSayToScareTheShitOutOfYourNewGirlfriend]

9. Breaking News: Second Report[audio:|titles=Breaking News: Second Report]

8. Breaking News[audio:|titles=BreakingNews]

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3. The Marlboro Hypothesis[audio:|titles=TheMarlboroHypothesis]

2. Twilight In Sixty Seconds[audio:|titles=FuckTwilight]

1. Top Ten Things A Man Can Say To Immediately End His Relationship  [audio:|titles=TopTenThingsAManCanSayToImmediatelyEndHisRelationship]