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  1. derick says:

    Fucking A. Chuck Palahniuk, eat your heart out.

  2. Suburban Legend says:

    You shouldn’t be giving this GOLD away! (I think I just vomited into my mouth)

  3. Samantha says:

    If you weren’t such a brilliant writer, I’d label you a sick fuck. You are, though. A brilliant writer. I guess most geniuses are sick. Anyway, rambling. Your mind is something else.

  4. Schmidt says:

    As another poster said, if Palahniuk was a talented writer who specialized in flash fiction, this is the sort of stuff he’d be churning out. But he isn’t and he doesn’t, obviously. You need to remember that despite his success he has a limited fan base, and I suspect that with this sort of writing, as extreme as it is, your following would be even narrower. Don’t let that discourage you, as the majority of the articles on this site (especially “Diary of a Crazy Bitch” and “Dear Jonny”) are both brilliantly written and (even more importantly) pure gold in terms of their marketability. This is coming from someone who has been employed in the publishing business, in one form or another, for many years. Make no mistake, when it comes to this story, Poe has nothing on you. This is simply fantastic writing, in a league of its own. With that out of the way, I suggest that you instead focus your enormous talent on the more marketable material if you plan on publishing a book. In the meanwhile, keep up the good fight and good luck in all your pursuits.

    Best regards,


  5. B.T. says:

    Nightmarish, for sure. Crazy imagery.

  6. Samantha says:

    Definitely wowed here.

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