Watch Men, Kill Men

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  1. Steven says:


  2. David says:

    That’s some warped justice, lol.

  3. A Voice In The Wilderness says:

    You have a very unique sense of humor, chief — dark, ironic, sarcastic and clever. “Flash fiction” isn’t easy to write. This story is very good, some of your others are great, and a few of them are truly exceptional. I encourage you to keep at it, keep the words coming. I’ve been in the writing game longer than you’d believe, and I don’t think I’ll ever be as talented as you are. Cheers.

  4. Good story says:

    If the man is carrying a mace and a beaker of acid how would he take barbiturates or smoke an electronic cigarette?

    • Jon says:

      Point taken. Changes made. Would you also like to hear about the shit he took before leaving the hotel?

      • Good story says:

        Well I would but I sense I may have struck a nerve with the first comment so I’ll try to use my imagination.Great story you have here.Have you ever thought of writing a book?

  5. Jon says:

    Lol. No nerve struck. Intelligent criticism provides the opportunity for improvement. Look to my “Dear Jonny, What About You?” article for the answer to your question:

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