The Real Story

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  1. Jacques (a fake name) says:

    Fucking brilliant commentary, Jon. Keep at it.

  2. Keepin it Real says:

    Every fake-ass person in my fake-ass office and in my fake-ass life needs to be reading this real-ass shit right now.

  3. Beverly says:

    The Apple does not fall far from the tree!

  4. Insert fake name here: says:

    Ugh, soul-crushing implications

    • Jon says:

      One could make that argument, yes (it’s certainly not an uplifting piece). I wish you’d taken the time to elaborate, however.

  5. bbull says:

    You should have yelled out “you’re all gonna die!” There is no fake death.

  6. Sean says:

    Fantastic read, sir.

  7. Ruston Lynn Cole says:

    As I discussed with you, this is insightful. The world we live in is so bloody commercialized. It presses in and your commentary is a push back.

    A person stripped down from all the fluff and commercialized barrages finds out they have to still confront one thing, themselves.

    I think you insight into the artificial needs created is haunting and soul searching.

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